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American Legion Department of Indiana Headquarters


5440 Herbert Lord Road

Indianapolis, In. 46216

Phone: 317-630-1300

Toll Free Fax: 1-888-723-7999

Fax: 317-237-9891

E-Mail: members@indlegion.org

Web Page: www.indianalegion.org





Department Officers:


Department Commander:                            James B. May              jmay@indlegion.org

National Executive Committeeman:             Paul Steward               paulsteward@indlegion.org

Alternate NEC:                                            Jerry Jordon                jjordon6@htmail.com

Northern Vice Commander:                          Nicholas Nicholoff       hillbillyjn@frontier.com

Northern Vice Commander:                          Peter Van Woerden     petevanwoerden@yahoo.com

Southern Vice Commander:                          Richard Brown             riebrown@sbcglobal.net

Southern Vice Commander:                          Milton Howard             multjuanhoward@yahoo.com

Sergeant-At-Arms:                                        Robert Brinson            brinsonrs@sbcglobal.net

Department Finance Officer:                         Tony Riley                  riley_anthony@yahoo.com

Department Membership Officer:                   Herb Hoffman             hoff128@sbcglobal.net


Appointed Department Officers:


Department Adjutant:                                   Hugh Dagley               hdagley@indlegion.org

Assistant Department Adjutant:                    William Henry             whenry@indlegion.org

Director of Rehabilitation:                             John Hickey                john.hickey@va.gov

Assistant Director of Rehabilitation:               David Wilson              david.wilson@va.gov

Department Service Officer:                           Bryce Hullett               Bryce.hullet@va.gov

Department Service Officer:                           Steve Hicks                 Stephen.hicks@va.gov

Department Service Officer:                           Tony Cross                  tony.cross@va.gov

Department Judge Advocate:                         Joseph Bumbleburg      jbumbeburg@ball-law.com

Assistant Department Judge Advocate:           Terry Smith                 terry@terrylsmithlaw.com

Assistant Department Finance Officer:            James Tracey               jamestracey@yahoo.com

Department Chaplain:                                     Norris Keirn                 chap.keirn@gmail.com

Department Historian:                                     Steve Defeo                stevedefeo@comcast.net